Edmonton residential self-consolidating concrete | Agilia®

A complete range of self-consolidating concretes for all types of applications in residential construction, including foundations, toppings, horizontal and vertical structural elements.

Highly fluid in nature, Agilia concretes flow and spread effortlessly. With no need for vibration thanks to its fluid and stable properties, Agilia is self-placing and self-leveling, which reduces time, cost and noise on the job site. Virtually mirroring the concrete form work, Agilia is highly versatile for endless applications and architectural details in residential construction.

Versatile Applications

Offering contractors high-quality fill for vertical components and virtually self-leveling in nature for slabs and floors that delivers a high surface quality, Agilia is favored for a variety of applications in residential construction.

Quick & Easy Placement

Placed more quickly than standard concretes, Agilia easily flows through highly congested areas or intricate form work, requiring fewer pouring points.

Worksite Flexibility

Agilia helps speed up construction schedules thanks to its ability to yield superior surface quality with reduced finishing work. Builders benefit from the schedule efficiency gains in addition to reduced effort and labor on site.


At COD Concrete we pride ourselves in our expertise, speed and quality of service. Once you know the volume of Agilia you require on your next project, give us a call. Don’t know your volume? No problem. Let our concrete calculator help with that.


Agilia® is sold under license with Lafarge Canada Inc.